FanCommunity Q&A Excerpt with Amy Vachon!


Holy moly, we love Amy Vachon! She is, as one would say, an unsung hero (in the DD crew). She works with the Fan Community and has become a trusted, diligent and fun member of our gang. Read this excerpt from Amy's Q&A!

How did you get into the glamorous world of rock n' roll?

I got my start in an all-female band called 'Catfight' here in Chicago, networked with other musicians in different bands over the years, and have been fortunate to keep the music ball rolling since. My recipe for success started with a wild hairstyle, cool clothes, and copious amounts of eyeliner. Oh, and I suppose knowing how to play an instrument helps. Ha!

How did you start working with Duran Duran?

In 2010 I was working for a Chicago-based company that managed the fan communities for NFL teams. When Duran Duran came on board as the first music client, they sorta fell in my lap since I was the only musician in the entire office. In a team of horses, be the unicorn. Look where it got me!

Tell us a little bit about your job - what do you do for the fan community, exactly?

At home, I post the tour dates and presale links on DDM. I also assist in creating the items for the Gold package and handle some of the smaller visual projects, such as putting together the collage of the package items and mockups of the DD VIP laminates. On the road, I host the backstage tour and VIP reception for the fan community and take pictures for the social media sites.

What is it like traveling with Duran Duran?

Exhilarating! I know it's "work," but I still get excited and feel so lucky being able to travel and work for one of the greatest bands out there. It's long hours, lots of miles, and usually very little sleep, but incredibly worth it. The tour staff treats each other like family, and you can't help but feel positive and grateful while you're on site working, even on the rough days. The reward comes in many ways, but I really do enjoy meeting so many new people and seeing familiar faces across the country.

How would you describe each band member?

Nick: My keyboard/synth hero! I try to channel a bit of his sound and style every time I perform on stage with my band.

Simon: The epitome of cool and extremely down to earth. Very genuine, and gives great hugs as well!

John: A true musician's musician. 9/10 times I see him backstage, he's got a bass in hand and is playing before the show. And he's much taller in person than he appears on stage, haha! (At least this shorty thinks so)

Roger: Very sweet and always takes the time to say hello and chat if he's not busy.

Dom: Always smiling, charismatic, and gives excellent Netflix recommendations. Really - you should ask him for suggestions!

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