Day 3: Coachella’s Goods, Bads and Uglys (feat. Kanye West, Duran Duran, PJ Harvey and the Hilton Sisters)


We came, we saw, we sweated off four pounds of water.

Kudos to the Coachella organizers for turning the Empire Polo Grounds into a people-organizing machine. Lines were long, but everything kept moving.

Let's look at Sunday's GOODs, BADs and UGLYs...

GOOD: Duran Duran. The boys from Birmingham played a mix of hits ("Rio," "Hungry Like the Wolf," "Notorious") and new stuff ("Girl Panic," which sounded straight out of 1985) before Simon Le Bon appeared onstage in a white tux coat and black bow time and dedicated the next one to 007 composer John Barry. It was time for "A View to a Kill." And so we dance into the fire...

​BAD: Balloon trouble. When you have really long strings loaded up with balloons crisscrossing the park, you're bound to get some tangles. #FirstWorldProblems

GOOD: Hot guys. On Saturday we looked at ways people were keeping cool, but our selections admittedly were a bit heavy on butts, breasts and bikinis. Wendy Gilmartin settled the score with photos of hot guys. Touche.

GOOD and BAD: Kanye West. The festival's finale started out with such a bang, only to fade away into the cool night. Could it have ever been enough?

GOOD: Cellphone reception. Maybe AT&T got its coverage issues worked out. Maybe enough iPhones moved to Verizon to free space up. Whatever happened, we actually got decent reception all weekend long. Breaking news: We totally started liking AT&T again before everyone else started liking AT&T again.

UGLY: The crowd at Lightning Bolt. And we don't even mean ugly in a bad way. Just bloody, and rough, and hostile. Like the crowd at Duran Duran, but the exact opposite.


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